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Anna Bucciarelli

The Anna Bucciarelli Gioielleria opened in 1980, in the hands of Mrs. Anna Bucciarelli, and was soon highly esteemed in the town of Panzano. Under Mrs. Anna´s care and guidance, the shop prospered, becoming a reference point in Panzano. Nicoletta, Anna´s daughter, was a young student at that time. She preferred the fashion world, in all its forms, over Plato, Aristotle or Dante. She felt a special predilection for jewels, and soon began designing them, and following through on their production, to rave reviews from clients. This is how the collaboration between mother and daughter built, until 1990, the year that Nicoletta entered definitively into the family business. Everyone saw Nicoletta´s versatility, so that soon, the shop acquired a special style, developing over time. Beyond her own creations, Nicoletta began to research products from other firms whom, like her, put their attention to innovative jewels. And so, she began collaborating. From Nicoletta´s ideas rings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants were born. Today, in the shop in Panzano, you can admire the elegance and the exquisite workmanship. Anna Bucciarelli Gioielleria is known world over for its warmth and kindness to customers. They find here quality, beauty and satisfaction. A good name is worth more than great wealth; and the benevolence of others, more than silver and gold.

From the Book of Proverbs (King Solomon) vv 22-1.

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